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Dopefile somehow lost all their users uploads. Make sure this doesn't happen to you by using filemack to upload your files! We keep your files safe by putting them on 5 external file hosts!


Fixed a small lag I noticed on embed players this morning. Enjoy.


Feeling Lucky? When you post your filemack links you can add ?lucky to the end of the link which will automatically redirect your visitors to a random active download link, saving them some time!

The day everyone has been waiting for has arrived. filemack now supports files over 100mb!

Here at filemack we love writing code. For the fellow developers with interest, laravel was used to create the filemack platform. We opted out of using a pre-made script, filemack was a fun platform to develop and we improve small pieces here and there each day!


We're trying to push filemack to the limit. If you think you have the connections and/or knowledge to be a part of our Marketing Team Internship check out our hiring page!


Last night we experienced about an hour of downtime - Cloudflare made some changes to their IPv4 text list URL which caused the website to go down.


download links leading to 3rd party file hosts will now show as File Link is Dead if the file link is no longer active.


filemack now offers direct URL's for mp3 uploads. You can use direct MP3 URL's to stream MP3 uploads through your own custom audio player. To access a direct MP3 URL first upload an MP3 and then https://www.filemack.com/mp3embed-FILE_CODE.mp3


I've been monitoring the languages of visitors that use filemack through Google Analytics so today I added Brazilian Portuguese, Italian & Polish. Like the other languages, I've had to resort to Google Translate. If you speak any of the languages we support natively and want to help with translations email me!


audio embeds and direct mp3 urls now have 3 active streaming sources. currently filemack supports 3 third party hosts that offer mp3 streaming. our embed players and direct links check the first source, if it fails it checks the second, if that fails it checks the third. this means your embed players and direct mp3 urls will stay active for MUCH longer. enjoy!

filemack now offers a referral system. refer someone and receive 20% of their earnings for LIFE. you can find your referral link on your earnings page!
multilingual option is now functional, currently we support 5 languages but need some help with translations! email us!
stats page now allows you to filter date range, also includes clicks from our "URL Shrinker API".
earnings page now allows you to filter date range, also includes revenue earned from our "URL Shrinker API".
fixed file mirror issues that caused some uploads to not get copied to remote hosts.
filemack API is now enabled. our api allows you to upload files directly from your server. we also offer a URL Shrinker API as well as an audio player API.

filemack is not a file host. No files are hosted on filemack servers. We do not claim any of the materials and any copyright infringement complaints should be directed to the respective third party hosting site.

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